2021-02-28 · Valorant has got a new agent in the game with the name Astra with incredible ability to harness the energy from the universe. Astra is not available up to March 2. Moreover, she has got one more beautiful ability with which she can blur the sights of her enemies. The complete description of Astra along […]


2021-02-27 · Astra is set to be released on March 2 with the start of Valorant Episode 2, Act 2. Until then, here’s a full list of her abilities: C — Gravity Well. Place Stars in Astral Form (X)

As an Astra main, you can place stars on the map that can be Valorant's next agent, Astra, is a cosmic controller with an intimidating ability set By Morgan Park February 27, 2021 There's no corner Astra's stars can't reach. Map control is power in Valorant, Astra’s abilities in Valorant – Explained! The name of the new agent is Astra, she will be the new controller in the game, fifth in the line-up of controllers, and her abilities are very distinguishable. Astra’s style can be written down as ‘cosmic’ and the stars will do all the magic. Similar to Omen, Viper, and Brimstone, Astra is a controller in Valorant. Riot Games officially revealed Astra’s abilities on Sunday, and it’s clear that she is the best Valorant controller until Harness the cosmos and control the fight as Astra, the newest Controller Agent in VALORANT.

Astra abilities valorant

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USE (F) a Star to Dissipate it, returning the Star to be placed in a new location after a delay. Dissipate briefly forms a fake Nebula at the Star’s location before returning. Uses: 2 Duration: 15 seconds (E), 1 second (F), 14 second cooldown. 2021-02-27 Valorant Character – Astra Overview. The 15th Valorant agent, Astra, is a controller who will be joining the roster during Act 2 Episode 2 on March 2nd. She’s one of the most unique agents yet, not only thematically but also in terms of playstyle.

Astra gets a quick boost this patch focused on removing a counterintuitive rule where her Gravity Well doesn’t affect those defusing the Spike. We want to try and keep our ability interactions as consistent and easy to learn as possible and allow you to explore ways to leverage Agent abilities without running into unexpected walls.

2021-04-09 · Valorant patch 2.07 agent changes. Astra will also get a small buff that could be used to clutch a round. This update looks to be about keeping Astra’s ability interactions consistent.

Upon activation Read More: Valorant Act 2 Episode 2 LEAKS: Release Date, Patch Notes, Battle Pass, New Agent, New Map And Everything We Know Astra's Abilities. Here are Astra's abilities.

You see, Astra works differently from the other Valorant agents: You don't buy her abilities flat out like usual. With Astra, you buy her Stars for 200 each – on top of the two Stars she gets at the beginning of every round for free.

Here are Astra's abilities. C: GRAVITY WELL.

Astra abilities valorant

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Astra for Valorant Controller. Ghanaian Agent Astra harnesses the energies of the cosmos to reshape battlefields to her whim.

So, to use any ability, Astra has to first go into this aforementioned starry dimension (it's almost a bit like the shadow realm Omen goes into to place his smokes), which gives her an overview of the entire map.
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27 Feb 2021 These Cosmic Divides, which look like stars, can be detonated using her Nebula, Nova Pulse, or Gravity Well abilities. Nebula is her smoke ability 

Equip a bow with a shock bolt.